The new and improved Next Generation Series is designed to provide the same secure end-to-end alarm transmission expected from Chiron IRIS AoIP diallers, with the addition of new technology to set the NG diallers in a different realm of innovation.

The new NG 600 continues to offer the unique cost effective way to interface any fire and intruder alarm panel to IP and/or wireless networks, in addition to full integration with particular manufacturer’s panels. They offer a choice from Grade-2 to Grade-4 signalling options. Furthermore, the Next Generation diallers now include the following leading edge features:
  • Complete high specification integration with Texecom and Honeywell allowing easy deployment through alarm panel keypad.
  • Full VoIP and SIP services available as standard on all units; ideal for voice applications such as audio verification, lift Installations and social care.
  • Providing the user with continuous, uninterrupted connection, there is no delay when connecting to Remote Service App, thereby vastly improving upload/download speeds and making the units remotely upgradeable.
  • Independently certified for intruder and fire signalling, all products are approved and specified by leading insurers.
  • Multiple connection interfaces are now included on all models, allowing flexibility and choice when connecting to any alarm panel.
  • Notification by text message on 600 & 640 models
  • High speed Bus Interfaces allowing faster integration for upload/download, configuration from panel keypad & alarm transmissions.