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IRIS Secure Apps™ has become the favourite AoIP receiving system for monitoring centres in more than 43 countries around the world.

The all new IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016 builds on this success with a host of new features as well as increased capacity and performance.

Specifically designed to work with the NG range of diallers and IRIS Connect as well as fully backward compatible with IRIS 800 and all IRIS touch diallers.

IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016 offers:

  • Enhanced System Capacity with a redesigned and optimised Polling Engine
  • Zero-Wait connectivity providing permanent connection to the Polling Engine for instantaneous up/download connection
  • Verification of Performance reporting to EN standards can be scheduled and automatically generated
  • 3 Operational Modes including commissioning mode ensuring accurate VoP performance reporting
  • Database Integration with Microsoft SQL Server in existing infrastructure harmonising corporate policies, backups and archives
    • Database API providing seamless integration with alarm management software
    • Automated (off-site) backup tools for databases and log files
  • System Notifications instantaneously emailed to the "right" people to optimise maintenance

To experience the new IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016 today, or for more information contact your Account Manager or Chiron Sales on

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